Today we are all witnessing the need for massive connectivity in every domain especially during this time where the whole world has gone remote. Our engineers have been in the forefront when it comes to research on technological advancements and prepares for our future needs. IEEE WIE Ottawa chapter has been privileged for being able to host events with our brilliant researchers and dive deeper into there area of research. In their yet another series of virtual seminar, on July 15th IEEE WIE Ottawa welcomed Dr. Waleed Ejaz who is the founding director of Next Generation Wireless Networks (NEWNET) research laboratory and the Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Science & Engineering at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC, Canada. Dr. Waleed in his seminar addressed the need for effective resource management in future wireless networks. Our audience was able to walk through his research which is focused on communication networking aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT), with emphasis on algorithm design, network architecture development, and system-level performance analysis. Dr. Waleed shared the need for the stronger and better massive connectivity and improved IOT applications in addressing serious issues of Digital divide and the barrier these issues cause to the goals of Sustainable Development.

With the goal to develop resource management schemes for massive connectivity in future terrestrial networks, aerial networks, and self-sustainable networks (SSNs) while considering different objectives and constraints, including network scalability, reliability, latency, efficiency (spectral usage and energy consumption), and complexity, for the next five years, Dr. Waleed definitely inspired our budding researchers in the audience. Following on the importance of connectivity, the WIE Ottawa team will be back again with more such engaging and informative online seminars.