Team IEEE WIE Ottawa believes that learning is a never-ending process, which has no barriers. On the 27th of May, 2020, IEEE WIE Ottawa Chapter organized a follow-up online session entitled AI in Modern Power and Energy Systems (Part II). WIE Ottawa had the privilege to have Dr. Mostafa FarrokhAbadi, the Senior Director of Technology at BluWave-ai, once again with over 50 attendees registered. This information session targeted topics like modern power systems, control and optimization issues, the impact of data-driven techniques, and covered real-time implementation of AI in energy storage systems as well as optimization and control. In addition, this has been an opportunity to gain insights of one of the leading start-ups, Bluwave-ai, in Grid Energy Optimization for Distribution Utilities, Microgrids and Fleet Electrification. Collaboration with such innovative companies has proved to provide an opportunity for the curious and intelligent minds of our community. The spirit of the IEEE WIE Ottawa team and collaboration is indeed a motivation during this hard time. Another great news is that Bluewave-ai is hiring! You can have the opportunity to be a part of the interdisciplinary team and gain experience with the innovation-led start-up.