In this era where technology is revolutionizing our world, it is the need of the hour that girls get exposure to computing and engineering fields. Yet another successfully organized event put forward where IEEE WIE Ottawa had an expo booth on 25th January, for girls from grades 6th to 12th. GO CODE GIRL 2020 was an effort made to combine tech and craft to give and exciting insight into the world of codes to our budding stars. Our volunteers Anastassia, Ragu, Aashna, and Marie interacted with all the students and engaged them with fun and interesting talk about their involvement in engineering, technology and coding. Many parents who accompanied their children to the event were interested and excited to know about the activities of WIE Ottawa in encouraging and guiding young women to pursue a career in engineering and technology. We hope to catch you all in our upcoming events! #IEEEWIEOttawa