IEEE WIE Ottawa was delighted to engage with a large number of 300 young students and professionals from different engineering disciplines who all gathered in the IEEE SPAC 2020. It was a great opportunity to discuss the WIE vision of supporting women in their role and helping them succeed in their journey.  We had a number of people, both men and women, encouraging the WIE efforts and sharing our core values. Through out the event, the WIE Ottawa team representatives, Anastassia Gharib  (Chair), Dana Haj Hussein  (Secretary), Fadwa Darwaish (Treasurer), and Naomi Solomon (Event Coordinator), were introducing IEEE WIE to people who showed a great interest to support us on social media as well as getting the IEEE WIE membership. IEEE WIE Ottawa booth was well placed and had more than 80 visitors. The WIE team continued to outreach to people during the dinner time in which the team had interesting connections from the industry and the educational sectors. Anastassia presented IEEE WIE through a general talk which took place during the event. The networking session at the end of the event was spectacularly beneficial as we were able to establish interesting connections. We believe this event was very beneficial not only because it was a golden opportunity to inform a large number of people about WIE but also because we were able to establish connections with people in the field that will help supporting our future events. #IEEEWIEOttawa #IEEEWIE #WIE #IEEE #SPAC